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Sound and Fury

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3 June 1977
nerd extremely ordinare. I love politics, religion, gaming, and sports. Just trying to muddle through life over here...
alison krauss, arrested development, avenue q, bailey white, bare naked ladies, barry bonds, baseball, batman, bay area, beavis and butthead, ben stiller, bill willingham, billy beane, black sabbath, blowout, bluegrass, body for life, bravo, broken lizard, buena vista social club, buffy the vampire slayer, cal ripken, comedy, comic books, cooking, crank yankers, csi, dark sun, dave attell, diplomacy, dontrelle willis, dork tower, dr. phil, dr. weil, dungeons and dragons, ebay, eighties music, elvis, emily procter, episcopal church, espn, family guy, film history, finance, flogging molly, flying colors, football, forensics, frank miller, frank sinatra, gambling, gaming, get fuzzy, good eats, gordon lightfoot, grand master flash, graphic novels, harley quinn, harry potter, henry fonda, history, i love the 80's, indian food, inside the actor's studio, insomniac, ipod, islam, j.t. snow, jack black, jackie robinson, jim rome, jla, joan of arcadia, joe dimaggio, johnny bench, johnny cash, judas priest, justice league unlimited, kevin smith, kevin spacey, kill bill, king of the hill, larp, led zeppelin, literature, lord of the rings, lou gehrig, loveline, m. night shyamalan, magic: the gathering, martina mcbride, martinez, michael ian black, misfits, motley fool, motown, movies, muay thai, music, mythology, npr, oakland raiders, office space, old school rap, orpheus, playboy, politics, queen, queer eye, quentin tarrantino, rat pack, real estate, rich aurilia, roger ebert, roger maris, rolling stones, san diego, san francisco giants, sex pistols, shakespeare, south park, star wars, suprnova, suze orman, talk of the nation, ted allen, tennis, the godfather, the matrix, the onion, the simpsons, the sopranos, the ultimate fighter, tivo, tony bennett, top spin, ufc, ultimate fighting championship, vampire: the masquerade, warren buffet, wesley willis, will farrel, willard price, william peterson, willie mays, willie nelson, wiz kids games, working out, world war two, xbox



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